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Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by MaryLC, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. MaryLC

    MaryLC Registered Guest

    I'm not really sure how to describe this Soure Bag. It's some type of nubby cloth with some type of embellishment sewn on but the terms to describe it accurately escape me. Any help would be appreciated. thanks !!
  2. Linn

    Linn Trade Member

    It will help us describe your piece if you could show us a picture of the whole bag. My first impression is that it is made of linen or maybe a linen cotton blend and trimmed in soutache braid.
  3. MaryLC

    MaryLC Registered Guest

    Thank you Linn !
  4. Linn

    Linn Trade Member

    Hi Mary -

    Nice evening bag. I was not familiar with Souré handbags but did a little searching and found that the label is Souré New York. One of our members has a 1950s example for sale in her RL shop:

    I think your bag is C.1960s - we can see what others think. If you can edit your title to include the words Souré New York, more of our members might look and we'll get more opinions. It's a good idea to show the label when there is one, when you ask about something on the Forums.
  5. I agree with Linn.....1960s.
  6. MaryLC

    MaryLC Registered Guest

    Thanks so much Linn ! So would you describe it as being made from cotton linen with soutache braid embellishment ?
  7. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Administrator Staff Member

    I think late 50s/early 60s, and soutache is the term I'd use for the trim. By cotton linen, do you mean a cotton-linen blend? Can you show a swatch in a closer-up close-up? It does look like linen "from here," but it could be a heavily slubbed raw silk or a number of weaves of cotton. Or a blend of any two of those fibers. Is it soft and supple or crisp and sort of stiff? Is there a seam on the inside you can snip a bit of and do a burn test if the look and feel aren't conclusive?

    I think it's darling.
  8. MaryLC

    MaryLC Registered Guest

    The cloth is supple, but it's not soft. It has a rough texture, almost like fine sandpaper. I seem to remember coats from the 60s being made with a similar heavy rough fabric. Thank you for your help !


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