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  1. Redheadedninnymuggins

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    I have this stunning piece I just got. it looks like a piece that could pass as 30s-50s. I'm thinking it's the 1940s but hoping someone else knows the brand well enough to answer! thanks! brand is Le' Vine Originale

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  2. modamuzesi

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    It looks like 1950's to me.
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  5. Redheadedninnymuggins

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    I thought about the 50s as well but the drop waist and the length which isn't pictured is more 40s length. it's so hard to tell. Any dress I found of this brand was also 40s.. might just have to be a mystery forever
  6. Hard to tell length from a hanger, but the silhouette as shown speaks 50s to me as well. I’m not seeing a dropped waist either.

    Some manufacturers kept the same label for several decades.
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    If the dress is a very large size, it can appear to have a lower waist and longer length. Lace over rayon taffeta was seen a lot in the 1950's.
  10. Redheadedninnymuggins

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    it's a smaller size! and may be hard to see in the photos but it definitely has a drop waist! flares right after my hips! I think we have enough votes for the 50s that thats what I'll go with! thanks for the help ladies!

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