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  1. Thomas Falater

    Thomas Falater Registered Guest

    Hi Thomas Falater from Manhattan here. Love the local fashion scene. Always loved fashion, I just graduated and moved here. I'll share some of my fashion designs on here soon. Tom Falater
  2. Thomas William Falater

    Thomas William Falater Registered Guest

    Hi Thomas ! hahaha Well this requires a little explanation. We have the same first and last name, Falater, and we're both into fashion. So had to join using my middle name William too. Isn't this something? Hiya Tom ! LOL I'm an old timer, I'm 40 and live on the opposite side of the country from Thomas, I'm in Taos, New Mexico and grew up in Canada. Big fashion scene here but I would love to be in NY. Thomas WILLIAM Falater checking in! LOL

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