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    Hi Again! I am talking about your own, homemade "knockoffs". What inspires you so much that you just have to try and make your own?

    I recently have become enamored with 1980s design. In particular Eve Kaplin and the Memphis Group in general. I think, and this is simplistic but it's those geometric shapes and colors. I realize they too were inspired by the Geometric Abstract Artists like Malevich and her mobile earrings HAVE to be inspired by Calder. It's all fair game when you take on a project of your own. Everything you've ever seen is swimming around inside your mind and ideas really are public domain, especially Art and I think they should be because all great ideas need inspiration.

    My first ever attempt. Rather terrible, I know but it's all a process. Colored card stock and 1 mm colored eyelets. Ha!


    Joan Miro inspired me to make this necklace when I found an interesting cedar chip in my log pile that looked like a like bird! Those are vintage bakelite cubes!


    And finally, when I saw the Rodarte Kobe necklace with a few charms and on brass chain for over $1,000 I thought that I could spend way less and make my own on gold. Walmart, when gold wasn't so crazy, would even have chains and bracelets in "Clearance". Ha, those were the days, eh?! I searched Ebay forever to find Kobe charms for around $20 a piece (sometimes you can get them for $10!). 18 Kobe charms on 14K gold necklace all for under $500. I even made a charm bracelet and a pair of earrings. I mixed the Kobe charms with other vintage 30s/40s/50s charms too.


    I go through "phases" where I see something terrific and I know I could never afford to buy it so I try to make my own version. What else can a poor girl do?!

    What about you? What inspires you so much that you just have to have a version? Share ideas? Inspirations?

    P.S. Kobe charms refer to charms made in that region of Japan for the export market (1920s and 1930s). From everything I've seen on the charms, they accompanied ice cream and other "treats" as a bonus surprise.
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    I don't make anything except for coffee! But I LOVE these - especially the Kobe charm bracelet! I have never heard of Kobe charms, but they are really cool. I bet they sound excellent clacking against each other.
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    I've never heard of Kobe charms either, but they're charming.

    Good for you, Linda - and thank you for sharing.

    I'm a costume designer by trade so quite skilled when it comes to sewing but these days I use those skills repairing and restoring, and sometimes altering. It's been years since I've made an entire garment from scratch. When I do, I tend to do my own design and make my own pattern, generally inspired by vintage style - my favourite eras to wear ar '30s-50s.

    I once made a lino cut print - it was inspired by a saucy John Willie (NSFW if you're thinking of googling) design and proved so popular that I printed it on T-shirts and sold lots to shops around around Australia.

    Incidentally, if you wanted your earrings to be more robust, you could laminate the card?
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    Love that necklace and charm bracelet Linda. And I too hadn't heard of Kobe charms, so thanks for the information. They're charming.

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    I suppose they are a pretty unique item. I love charms from the 30s and 40s and that is how I came across the Kobe charms. Once you have one in your little paws, you fall in love. The pictures do not do them justice.

    Thanks for all the encouragement.

    Nicole, I would love to see your t-shirt!! I think more people should follow their hearts when it comes to creating homages to past design. I would also love to see one of your own designed dresses. I love what some seamstresses do on Etsy. I once saw a 40s dress pattern used to make a dress with a great big superman logo in the middle. It was fabulous! I'd love to make myself and X-men dress from sheets and a vintage pattern but I am fairly clumsy at it. I know, practice makes perfect.

    Laminate the card stock for robustness! A rigid stock would allow for more intricate cuts and designs. Thanks! That is exactly why I love to share because it would have never occurred to me to do that but it is completely brilliant.

    I should add that the "Miro" necklace came to me because I found this dress on Etsy. The ONE green square and the cedar chip fell into my lap at exactly the same time. It is a Goldworm dress from the 60s, I do believe. Goldworm did so many "Artist" inspired dresses.

    Edited for cobwebs in my head.

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    I made two new necklaces from Cracker Jack charms!

    First one had a vintage circus theme.


    Second one stemmed from the pink scissors which reminded me of Bandalasta (google). Pink necklace.

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