Howard Hodge Cape - not a hat

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  1. SaraR

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    I found this cape today and it has a G Howard Hodge label, but it's not a hat! I can't find any mention of him making anything other than hats. It's possible someone sewed this tag on but that just doesn't seem likely to me. It's wool tweed with a black wool knit lining in nearly perfect condition. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any information would be appreciated, I'm very curious about it.

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  2. pastperfect2

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    I have never seen a G. Howard Hodge label on anything other than a hat. And people do move labels about. That said, let's see what others have to say.
  3. SaraR

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    Yes, I originally thought it odd that someone would move a hat label to a cape. But I'm starting to think that is what happened. Either way, it is a fun and wearable piece.
  4. Jonathan

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    I agree - the label was moved there from a hat. I also don't like how it is sewn in with black thread - nor the placement of the label, which is off centre and not near the nape.
  5. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    G H H is one of my all time favorite designers. While my research on him reaches back to the 1930s, I never found a mention of him designing or adding his name to clothing. that does not mean he didn't, just I found no evidence. I suppose is IS possible that he marketed a line of accessories or small fashion items to match one of his hats, like a tweed shrug to match a tweed hat.

    What I can say is in my memory, I have not seen that exact label in any of his hats. It is different in lettering and in shape and size than the several versions I have seen.

    As Jonathan said, it is oddly placed.

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