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  1. Shelby Sexton

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    My great gradmother kept all of her clothing in the hall close of her house, my great grandfather wouldnt let us touch it since she passed 17 years ago. But hes moving and I found these beautiful jackets with no tags of identification. Can someone help?!

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    Hi Shelby, and welcome to the forums. You can rotate your photos using the "edit" button and then the "rotate" button.

    The first coat looks '70s and the second one is a men's overcoat so perhaps your grandfather might know something about it? It's hard to date on the one photo. It could be '40s, it could be a lot more modern - if you can tell us more about it, eg, what the fabrics are, what the buttons are like. Have you looked in the interior pocket to see if a tailor's label is in there?

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