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Identification of sea otter 1970s

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Most Wanted - Looking for something?' started by David Elder, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. David Elder

    David Elder Registered Guest

    Greetings from Queensland, where there is little demand for sea otter fur I should add. However, I am probably in the completely wrong place, so please tell me!! I have inherited a Beaver Lamb coat (1960/70s) and a 'Sea Otter' coat from a little later. The latter was always identified by Mother as Sea Otter, but I know she was a person of great integrity, and would never have bought an endangered species. Never of course thought to ask if it was a man-made item, while she was still around. Absolutely gorgeous, sooo warm and think and lustrous, and in practically new condition. Both coats are. Now, they've ended up with me, I have no use for them, and none of my friends want to know, so, if possible they'll go to a good new home, but.......until that can happen, it is essential to know exactly what I have. The end of all this waffle is, how does one identify the real thing, from a man made product? and, and I know perhaps NOT what we're here for, but can anyone suggest where I go from here? Many thanks and I look forward to your advice. Dave
  2. peaceful vintage

    peaceful vintage Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Dave, There are a few ways to identify whether fur is real or faux.

    1. Look at the back side of the fur. If it's leather or soft leather then it is real.
    2. Do a burn test. Pull a few furs from an inconspicuous area, burn it, and if it burns fast and smells like hair it's real.

    1. If the back side looks like a small graphed area that the furs are sewn into then it's faux.
    2. Do a burn test. Pull a few furs from an inconspicuous area, burn it, and if it melts, and smells like plastic then it's faux.

    You can also post photos here any time and we will be happy to help you.
  3. David Elder

    David Elder Registered Guest

    You are wondeful
  4. David Elder

    David Elder Registered Guest

    Thank you for your message. You're just great - even before I go 'researching' the coat. I shall get back to you with the results :) Dave Elder
  5. David Elder

    David Elder Registered Guest

    Hello and greetings,
    Thank you for your help, and I have done as you suggested. Snipped some of my own hair and burnt it, so I know he reaction and smell LOL, then did the same from the coat. To me, it just melted, no flame, and not much smell either. Perhaps I didn't do enough. Oh well. The ignoramus in me didn't quite understand what was mean by 'small graphed area', but somehow it didn't look 'right'. Looks very professional I admit, but.... Have taken, again I apologise for quality, pics of the lining etc. I know full well, you take one look and go "Oh yes......" heheheh. Now, when you've told me what I expect to hear/read, where do I go from here please? Is there a market for these? Certainly not in this neck of the woods. 45C every day at this time of year. And of course transportation is always an issue. But one musn't cross bridges before etc etc etc! Any help an advice will be most welcome. And all the best for 2017

    Oh I think I lost my pics. Did they come through please?

    (David) Alan Elder

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  6. peaceful vintage

    peaceful vintage Administrator Staff Member

    Hi David, Thank you for that information and for that photo. That is indeed faux. The fur or pile melted because it was not real. Had it been real it would have singed and completely burned away very quickly. The hind side has a graph like pattern that the pile is sewn to. Sometimes the graph like pattern is easier to see because it is a significantly different color than the pile.

    You should take a look at eBay's sold listings for similar faux furs to find out what ones like yours are currently selling for.

    Happy holidays and wishing you a fantastic 2017!
  7. David Elder

    David Elder Registered Guest

    Thank you so much for your so prompt response. Told me what I really already knew, but had to hear, if you know what I mean! Could NEVER imagine Mother buying or wearing the real thing. Loved animals tooo much. Shall, as suggested check out ebay. Also have her, in perfect condition, Beaver Lamb, about which I know origins etc. Just so heavy when it comes to transporting/mailing, but shall give it a go.

    Again thanks, and a very happy Silly Season and the best for 2017

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