Identifying a fur(?) coat.

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  1. SteveI

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    I know nothing about vintage fashion and I was hoping someone here could tell me anything about this coat in the attached pictures. Thee were a couple of hits on here rega4ding the ‘Tucson Fur Skins’ label, but that label looks pretty generic, and this coat has a different appearance to the ones in the thread I found.

    The coat is probably at least 50 years old.



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  2. Metro Retro Vintage

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  3. 196t's

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    Caryn will probably be able to help you with your coat.
  4. Furwise

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    Hi, sorry I missed this one. Is there any way you can show this handing on a hangser please?
  5. SteveI

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    Sorry for the delay. Hope this photo is OK:

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  6. Furwise

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    Thank you for those additional images. Very pretty coat. It is faux fur and I think it's intended to look like sheared beaver.
  7. SteveI

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    Hi Caryn - thanks for answering so quickly.

    So fake fur - any idea if it is worth anything? I thought that the Tuscan ‘made from fur skins’ label would have been reserved for real fur?


  8. Furwise

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    Hi Steve,

    I’m unable to offer any advice on what the value might be but there are genuine Tuscan furs too so that’s just their branded label.
  9. SteveI

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    Ok thanks Caryn.
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