Identifying handmade sweater....vintage? oldish? adorable for sure!

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  1. RadarLuv

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    I picked up this old sweater today and I believe it is handmade from the tag. Anyway to possibly know how old it might be from the visual? I googled the tag even to see when that particular tag may have been manufactured but no luck. Also, Any guesses as to what the fabric may be by a visual? It's soft, not scratchy. There is a good close up of how fuzzy it it. It's so hard to capture the beautiful color that this sweater really is.

    Also, the buttons cannot be original, they don't fit through the button holes. Also, I am thinking that the panel for the button holes was an afterthough, perhaps by someone else? Thoughts?

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  2. Sharon Lynn

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    I believe it is mohair, handmade, and from the sixties.
  3. bycinbyhand

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    And those buttons were very popularly used by us knitters in the 1980s. There was a revival of that 60s look (shawl collar and length of sleeves) along with mohair in the mid 1980s. A lot of knitters added grosgrain behind their button holes then as it's a standard technique so don't date by that.
  4. RadarLuv

    RadarLuv Registered Guest

    But wouldn't you think the original knitter would have never put on buttons that absolutely didn't fit the button holes? I tried with all my might to get those buttons through the holes and couldn't do it, and I am no weakling. I feel like a second owner likely put the buttons on for appearances only. I dunno, just a though-if I had spent countless hours on a beautiful sweater, i would put functional buttons on it, which is why I feel like maybe, at least that part, has been reworked?
  5. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand Trade Member

    You are holding it. I am just looking at pictures. I see this as an 80s sweater, sorry. Not that that is bad at all. But, again, you are holding and I am not. The way the grosgrain is added points to that for me, as well as the style... the buttons... I have a bunch of Vogue Knitting magazines going back to the early 80s. If I get the time, I'll find the patterns I'm thinking of. In the mid 80s there was a strong revival of the mohair, that 60s style.

    About the buttons... there are a million reasons they could not fit... perhaps, yes, a latter addition. But I do know there's a lot more skill to knitting and the techniques than many realize. I have surely been that person who makes a button hole and the buttons I got for the project don't fit well. ha ha ha

    But you are holding the piece. I'm clearly not "in the know." ; )
  6. carla rey

    carla rey Trade Member

    I'm also seeing 80s, that dusty rose color was everywhere.
  7. Vinclothes

    Vinclothes Trade Member

    I assume it came from a thrift or resale store. The buttons not fitting is likely why it ended up there. It is not unheard of for someone to finish a project and realize they made a big goof, and just giving up on it. Or it could have been a gift with that loving hands at home look that the person who received it did not appreciate and feels they can't use and therefor donates it.
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  8. lindapoirier

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    That shawl collar was a trademark of Mary Maxim. It is knit very well. That button hole protection is originsl, I believe. Mohair was very popular in the late 50s, early 60s. Much more in the sixties. However that Collar has been around dince 1952 in my Mary Maxim ephemera.

    Therefore, I say it was knit in the Spring of 1958 by Mrs McCaughtery's sister Anne. Who, moved to Northern Manitoba.
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  9. RadarLuv

    RadarLuv Registered Guest

    Thanks y'all. regardless, I got it because I loved it, the looks of it-not just because of when it was made. I don't buy anything unless I love it and plan on wearing it. This will get good use from me. So, thanks, Mrs. McClaugherty!
  10. RadarLuv

    RadarLuv Registered Guest

    from northern Manitoba! haha!
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  11. bycinbyhand

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