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    Hello. I’m assuming this is some kind of lingerie. It was discovered in a box at an estate sale that was full of antique bras and corsets. I just can’t figure out how it would go? At first I thought it was underwear. It has a pocket. Every thing is heart shaped. Any ideas what it is and how old? Thanks!

    899EB0BF-4A0D-4166-9A8A-4D3B4EC7BF74.jpeg FDB0D389-38FB-4F3A-8B7E-B089C4F2EE38.jpeg 5B26208D-BF15-45C3-8616-40E8B96E1C6D.jpeg E7D94E84-557E-412E-9388-218A778B0177.jpeg C61CD550-B7CE-43CF-82B3-F2EA222E0081.jpeg
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    I thought that might be the case but it’s very awkward to wear! You would have to be an extremely small person to pull it off. Here’s an attempt to model it on my size 4 dress form.

    5B1540AF-0563-463C-A032-9EA27D52C45A.jpeg 71D0B57B-F2DA-423E-9484-CC31348C5D50.jpeg
  3. It is early 1900s and may be a childs or just a very small person.
    Our sizing and shape is totally different even at a size 4
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    I tried it on “Alice,” my oldest dress form. It looks much nicer! Thank you! I really couldn’t get my mind around what it could be. lol

    88141947-4CCC-41F7-ACBC-AAB344F88564.jpeg C47EAD1B-A9CA-477E-8B77-2A03CF1BE081.jpeg 037DA186-4208-477E-A57E-0BC6A83A1360.jpeg

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