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    Thanks for allowing me to join your group. I have been interested in vintage fashion since I was 12. When I was in my teens I mixed my blue jeans with satin bed jackets, blouses with lace collars and decorated my blue jean jackets with pearls and old vintage jewelry . My favorite jewelry was art deco.

    I have a fascination for "Velvets". My favorite of course being the 100 percent velvet of the 20's through the 40's. So hard to find now. I have started selling in the last 5 years. My biggest problem is that I don't want to give up the coolest things . But unfortunately I can not keep it all and I'm starting to think that I could be in the show "Hoarder". So, it's time to get it all up and start selling. But to get rid of my "opera coats", my satin bed jackets, my designer clothes is about to get the best of me. But I need help to push me to keep going, because all these clothes cannot be worn , No way. lol

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    Welcome Minky! You are in the right place, I'm sure we can all relate.

    Btw, I removed the link to your shop as our forum rules state that only paid up VFG Trade Members can advertise their wares or link to their shops. If you are interested in becoming a trade member, have a read of the criteria.

    Anyway, you'll find lots of helpful advice here on dealing with your 'hoard'.

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