In The Trenches Vintage Inspirations/Spring 2017 for the week of April 10th

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    In The Trenches Vintage Inspirations Spring 2017

    Originally a hybrid of the Mackintosh and greatcoat, the now iconic trench coat was first designed to keep soldiers dry and camouflaged during WWI. Flash forward: trench coats have become a wardrobe staple for Spring 2017 as seen on the runways and red carpet alike. Functional and timelessly chic, the fashionable trench coat is not just a "flash" in the pan. Think less Inspector Clouseau and more Holly Go Lightly in a rainbow of colors, classic khaki, a variety of fabrics, patent leather, and leather & suede, too. All vintage eras and styles for both men and women are encouraged -- show us what you've got!

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    From my archives

    1960s Gino Charles Printed Trench

    I wish I still had the full pic of this Bill Blass 1970s Trench

    1970s Snake Print Vinyl Trench
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    From my sold archives:
    1970s junior size raincoat Nicolette by Niccolini (Canadian maker)

    1970s raincoat pattern with optional cape Burda 42015
    1970s raincoat pattern with optional hood Neue Mode 3206

    Currently available:
    1970s raincoat pattern Burda 9687

    1970s mini, midi or maxi coat pattern Burda 40066
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    A Velvet trench!!
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    These are classics from my sold archives, all dating from the 1970s:
    greentrenchcoatcrystal1.jpg sagegreentrenchcrystal1.jpg tanlondonfogtrench1.jpg

    Just for fun, here is my mother, c. late 1940s, sporting a trench: mamatrenchcoat.jpg
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    Coincidentally, this parade appears during the week of the 100th anniversary of WWI, when The Trench was invented!
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    Take a left just past the Eiffel Tower to follow this Parade on facebook

    Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy take a walk on the streets of Paris. Photo by Richard Avedon.
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    Previously sold item:
    London Fog "Caribe Cloth" waterproof trench
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