Incorrect Timeframe for Canadian Union Label

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    I often refer to the ebay guide on union labels, as well as the label resource here.

    The other day I was looking at it again and noticed the writer came to the conclusion that the label on the left dates from 1968 - 1984 from looking at the CIPO Canadian Trademark registration information. I went to look this up to see if there was any other details given and noticed that this was actually the year that this label was filed for registration, not the year it was first used.

    On this database the year it is filed is rarely the year it was first used and that is why they usually mention further down under 'CLAIMS:' when around the label first came into use. For this particular union label they say "Used in CANADA since at least as early as March 01, 1965."

    Hope this helps people a tad in accurately dating vintage pieces since I see the info from the ebay guide quoted everywhere it seems! (including a couple places under the ILGWU label info here) :)


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