Is This From a Famous Artist's Work?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by vintspiration, Apr 20, 2004.

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    Is This From a Famous Artist\'s Work?

    Is this like a French Cafe scene? In what era is it mimicking? Also, what do you usually call these shirts? It's not really a photo print, it's more like art - is this similar to a famous artists work? I know I had one of these 70's poly shirts like this a couple of years ago that was of artist Gustav Klimt's work and I sold it on a BIN in like minutes. If this is like another artisits work I'd like to highlight in my auction - it really helped me last time!

    <img src="" width=278 height=550>

    <img src="" width=363 height=550>

    <img src="" width=363 height=550>
  2. It looks like a Renoir similar to this cafe scene where all his subjects are looking at each other.<br><br>Cafe Scene<br><br>But don't trust me. What I know about artists, you can put in a thimble.:D
  3. cherry-pie-and-roses

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    Renoir is exactly what I thought too, Linda. And they're usually just called "big shirts." Bob Mackie does a lot of them (silk) for QVC.

  4. fuzzylizzie

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    It's in the style of Renoir, but the color scheme is all different. Renoir used lots of blues. But the figures are very Renoiresque!

  5. cherry-pie-and-roses

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    VFG offers so many opportunities to learn. LOL

    Art Appreciation 101
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    The figures are very Renoiresque and the cafe scene is typical of his work. There's also a touch of Toulouse Lautrec (heck, I think I misspelled his name) and a little Degas. How's that for confusing? All in all, I'd say it's reminiscent of Renoir.
    joey (who needs to pull out her art books)
  7. vintspiration

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    Seems like Renoir is clear winner. I posted on the VC&A Board and got pretty much the same concensus there ~ seems alot of vinties are Art Buffs. ;)
  8. I had a "Sunday in the Park" shirt and I called it an "artprint" shirt or art print. Probably not an official name for them, but they tend to be an exact or a slightly skewed version of an art work - the color palette may be shifted, it may be repeated in an odd way, or out of proportion, etc...

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    Art Print - yes! Perfect name for it. Now I can list it!! Thank you! :)

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