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    I have just bought this elegant jet black dress designed by jacques heim. I am tempted to keep this or if it is worth selling on to a collector. I would like to know the era and the name of the fabric used (the entire dress is overlaid with a fabric that resembles metallic mesh and its embellished with tinsel-like flowers:). I hope my images are useful to appraise this. It is in exquisite condition. cheers 088 (2).JPG 088 (2).JPG 115 (2).JPG 120 (2).JPG 125 (2).JPG 127 (2).JPG 140 (2).JPG 148 (2).JPG 153 (3).JPG 156.JPG 196 (2).JPG 199 (2).JPG
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    Great dress! Agree with mid to late '60s.
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    Thank you ladies for your quick replies - much appreciated :).
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    Thank you for pinpointing the fabric - yes your so right it is like a fishnet. In my entire life I have ever worn anything with a fishnet so it was not easily recognisable to me:)

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