Jean Louis evening gown

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    I thought you might all enjoy a peek at this recent donation we received of a Jean Louis evening gown, It was mailed to us in a box, with no note just a return address. It is in impeccable condition and just stunning. It has a built-in crinoline attached to a boned waistband
    2015-09-22 09.36.56.jpg 2015-09-22 09.37.12.jpg 2015-09-22 09.39.59.jpg 2015-09-22 09.41.42.jpg 2015-09-22 09.43.50.jpg 2015-09-22 09.45.11.jpg
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    Stunning, and thanks for sharing it with us. I am friends with someone who is currently writing the authorized biography of Jean Louis. Would you allow me to share 1 or more of your photos with her, or if she has an interest in the construction details may she contact you? If not, I understand.

    It is a wonderful donation.
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    Elegant and beautiful. What a fine designer he was!

    I have a dress with the same label in my collection; a completely different style.
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    Spectacular! Love the back of the skirt, you can really make a great entrance in that gown. Thank you for sharing.
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    Serendipitous timing on this thread. I just photographed a silk 1960s coat with the Jean Louis label, and was looking around online for other examples of his designs. Yay, VFG! :)

    And, what a gorgeous gown, and a nice donation!
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    Wow WOW Wow
  11. So nice that someone chose to donate such a lovely gown.........:wub:!!!!
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    Barbara, I have two Jean Louis pieces your friend might be interested in. One is a white pique haltar evening gown. The other has a leotard top with a lace ruffle and a separate lace skirt. Supposedly, it was Mary Martins, but I don't think so the skirt is too long for me and I think she was shorter..

    The leotard top is interesting. It's an actual leotard; the lace ruffle snaps on part of the neckline so you can get it on and off.

    I used to see Jean Louis at acupuncture. Sadly, he already had alzheimers, but Loretta Young sometimes brought him. No, I didn't talk to her. I'm much too shy and it wasn't the right place.
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    I wanted to do an update on this dress, as I have been doing some research on it. The dress was worn by Mrs. Roger Blough (Helen) on October 16, 1962 to the Metropolitan Opera's 78th Season Opener, "Andrea Chenier". Here she is wearing the dress -
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  15. neat that you found this photo of Mrs. Blough in this dress!!! This gorgeous dress is even more of a has provenance!

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