June Bride (& Groom!) ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of June 11th

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    June Bride (& Groom!)
    This week’s vintage fashion parade is more of a procession, as we celebrate weddings in vintage style. Whether the wedding you’re planning will be big and traditional, or small and quiet, vintage fashions for the bride and groom bring that certain “something old” to the festivities.
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    1950s wedding dress pattern Ringier 10515 B34

    1970s wedding dress Pattern Meyers Modeblatt 0551 B34

    Early 90s cummerbund and bow tie pattern McCalls 5684
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    omgosh, i LOVE that suitcase, Chris!! :wub::wub::wub:
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    At The Vintage Merchant we have this 1960s McCall's pattern with a variety of modern wedding veil/cap/hat options:


    for a vintage country girl wedding, we have this lovely lace trimmed cream colored prairie style dress from the 1970s:

    IMG_5161.JPG IMG_5162.JPG

    and for the groom, we have some groovy blue ruffle front tuxedo shirts, as well as some of these white brocade jackets with black trim in assorted sizes. We also have a few white tuxedo trousers in a few different sizes as well (they're not currently listed, but we do have some available).



    as well as a bunch of groomsmen-worthy vintage cummerbunds, vests, cravats and bowties, too.

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    What a beautiful parade! Thank you.
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    Yes - great parade. And I do love that suitcase.
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