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  1. Howdy!

    I have had this for a little while. I found this with several Diane Freis dresses and I adopted the bunch. 70s with Qiana and so much collar to spare. It's something back in the day I would have photographed the muchness with the shirt open over a t-shirt with jeans, and then the skirt with a plain top.

    Anyway, I had become aware of Katja, the Scandinavian Instagram account dedicated to her as well as info that she was the first International swedish fashion designer. But what I can't really gauge is if her clothing has a following, because when I look on eBay and other sites, you don't really see anything that has sold. Even if I don't plan on selling something, having something show up in sold listings or on blogs with people wearing it currently gives me an idea if it's something that people care about among the zillions of labels out there. it appears this might have been made just after what people are looking for in her designs

    Anyway, I don't know if I really have a question or not, but have any of you seen Katja items popping up here and there in the wild, or is it something that you just don't see on this side of the pond. It's definitely not something I would have ticked up years back

    I'm sort of accumulating things here and there to make a big comeback with a vintage clothes shop, but by the time I get my act together, I'm sure I will run out of room. for a while I was picking wardrobe for film and TV extras, and the 80s and 90s were much more in demand, so it's nice to look at things they're just a smidge older, even if this is a smidge too young for my favorite era (I did start an insta for outrageous clothing, so this might go up eventually)

    IMG_20200325_163703049.jpg IMG_20200325_163703049.jpg IMG_20200325_163645575_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20200325_163809555.jpg IMG_20200325_163844650.jpg

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  3. I have never heard of GEM search. It's a first for me. I like that wool Blazer in those Mary Jane's in the search results. That's the thing though, there's a dress for $1200, and I'm not finding a lot of "chatter" on social media, forums, blogs, if people actually talking about her. Google translate has done a good job when I found something obscure that people are only talking about in a foreign language.... Though I'll have to delve further. sometimes I have my fingers on the pulse of a trend, but to see higher prices with no chitchat from anyone about the designer, it's just doesn't match up to me

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