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  1. SweetGinger

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    I am looking for any information on bras by Kellogg Corset company. I have two different bras by them with two different style labels. Wondering if anyone has information to help in dating these pieces? From what I was able to find Kellogg was family run until 1968 in Michigan, bought out, moved to California and stayed in business until 1996. But I have not been able to find any information on their actual products. Thanks!

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  2. Pinkcoke

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    Not sure if you have attached the right photo, as this label doesn't mention Kellogg. Either way the description of the material content in percentages has me thinking this garment dates no earlier than late 60s and possibly into the 70s, as material content information became compulsory in many countries after various laws were introduced c.1970.
    Can you show the whole garment please?
  3. SweetGinger

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    Sorry! I hit post before all the photos attached!
  4. Pinkcoke

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    No worries.

    How strange, the labels look newer (60s), the design of the corset older (all cotton, practical design) . So I'm already thinking this is more of a 'health' corset than a fashion garment...I wonder if the front opening is significant.
  5. SweetGinger

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    From what I read about Kellogg as a company, they did transition from traditional corsets to health corsets at some point in time when corsets were on their way but I haven't been able to find any pictorial references to help with dating. I can tell you that they are very comfortable and the pattern and fit is very similar to a 1920s brassiere that I made.
  6. Denny Glover

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    SweetGinger, don't know if your still looking for information regarding the Kellogg Corset Company product that you have, but if you are I might be of some help. I have a number of catalogs from Kellogg (used to work there) and 2 of the catalogs that I have that are dated (others are undated) that depict the model 038 brassieres are from 1939 and 1940. I can't date the label for you though, or when the Katherine K model line was phased out. Katherine K was no longer in production when I began working there - 1973. I have pictures of the catalog and advertisement if you'd like them.

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