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    Perhaps someone can help me with this. I have two children's costumes with the attached label. I looked on the label resource page and found very similar ones, but not this exact one.

    These costumes were probably bought for my sister (b.1954) and me (b.1955), but neither of us have a recollection of them, nor are there photographs of us wearing them. It's possible that they were purchased for a cousin much earlier, and they just ended up in a box in our attic. They appear to have never been worn.

    Can anyone offer guidance, based on the label and the provenance, as to the age of these costumes, some direction as to how to find a collector who might want them, and perhaps a value? I will be photographing these costumes shortly, and will upload to the correct forum.

    If these have any kind of value to a collector, I'd like to sell them - but if they are just mainstream off-the-rack pieces I can give them to a child for a costume.


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