LIP TACK?? what is liptack MADEIN HONGKONG?

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    Hi.. long time no ask.. This post hopes to find you all healthy and vintage wealthy in the time of COVID19

    I have already googled the info I found on this blue
    {evidently silk (burn test revealed; slow flame- extinguished itself quickly - chicken feather smell -rather gritty ash)} selvedge info reads LIP TACK made in HONGKONG..
    There was one reference to the fabric at WORTHPOINT which I am not a member of.. any help would be appreciated .. its a rather remarkable, heavy satin-finish brocade silk.

    BELOW is link to WORTHPOINT my fabric has the same font and info in the selvedge as this piece does.
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    It is apparently the name of a Hong Kong silk-weaving factory. The image is from a 1969 publication...
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    What a wonderful gift.. Thank you so much... hope to return the favor someday.
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