Looking for a year made on a Copley Slip

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  1. Megan Graves

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    Today on one of my thrift store scavenges, I found a beautiful slip. It is made by Copley. The label bears this information: Short Size 38 Copley "A Proportioned Slip". The back of the label says: 100 % Nylon Shadowproof. The bottom has the Union Label for ILGWU the bottom half is worn, but I think it is AFL-CIO. I have tried searching for Copley slips online and have found nothing. Has anyone encountered this particular brand or have any information about it? Thanks so much! I am new to the group and excited to further my vintage knowledge.
    Megan Graves
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  3. Megan Graves

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    Here are some pictures!! It caught my eye when I noticed the seams, so I checked the tag and bought the slip for a 35 cents!

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  5. Megan Graves

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    Thanks so much, Linn! I live in Mississippi so there is rarely any good finds within thrift stores and then finding them takes a lot of searching. It is beautiful and I am glad to know that it is that old!

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