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    Hi everyone! I'm on the hunt for a bridesmaids dress for my sister's wedding in September. I'm hoping to find something vintage and something that I will wear again, but so far I haven't had much luck. We don't have to have matching dresses. She has only told me to get a dark navy blue and floor length dress. I'm approximately a medium/large with 38" bust and 29"-30" waist. If anyone has anything, I would love to see! Thanks!
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    What era are you looking for? When I think long and dark blue I think 70's maxi. Whats your preference for sleeve length?
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    Not sure if sleeveless is ok? I have this dress, which should fit approximately a 38" bust and 29" waist. (It is actually dark navy blue, but the photos have been lightened a bit to show more detail.) More info and photos on our website listing, here, or feel free to ask me questions! :)
    DR1192-navy blue 1940s evening dress sleeveless rhinestones - 01.jpg
    DR1192-navy blue 1940s evening dress sleeveless rhinestones - 02.jpg
    DR1192-navy blue 1940s evening dress sleeveless rhinestones - 09.jpg
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    Ahh, this might be perfect! I just sent photos to my sister to see if she likes it. I'll be in touch soon! Thank you!
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