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Looking for the name of a specific dress

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Most Wanted - Looking for something?' started by Megan o, May 11, 2022 at 5:37 PM.

  1. Megan o

    Megan o Registered Guest


    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this vintage dress because I have been looking for

  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix VFG Member

    It is either an altered early Edwardian dress or a dress made in the early Edwardian style.
  3. I think I see a bare midriff... is it a two-piece style? It gives me a stylized ethnic/Indian vibe.
  4. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    I think possibly Edwardian/Edwardian style as Barbara suggests, but too short for the wearer hence the bare midriff. I wonder if it was a dress that's been cut in two - that cream bow looks a bit out of place. Not sure if those sleeves are possible for true original or not.
    Last edited: May 12, 2022 at 7:28 AM

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