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Lost in the links . . . Odors

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by dancingdresses, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. dancingdresses

    dancingdresses Registered Guest

    H'lo again, all . . .

    I know we've had myriad discussions here on cleaning tips and I thought (fer shure) I would find a tip on the resource links for getting rid of a "musty" odor.
    But can't find it, if it's there . . . :(

    I have some cardboard boxes that retain a bit of a musty odor from storage and thought I had seen tips for purse interiors that might work just as well for boxes . . but no luck on the links.

    Any suggestions from those-in-the-know?
  2. Hollis will be teaching a workshop starting sunday all about caring for vintage garments. be sure to check it out! I think a lot of tips like that are anecdotal/learn as you go and there is not the one perfect way....i can think of a few..but i am sure hollis would be more definitive.

    I have used baking soda because it does not harm...

    Thanks for reminding me, i can't let the c/s workshop end by not talking about odors...not from the care but the c/s perspective ...
  3. Nothing is better than newspapers or newsprint crumbled up and placed in the box, handbag, etc. After a couple of days, remove the old ones and put in new ones. It works!!

    I just listened to a show about cleaning your refrigerator and getting rid of odors. She also suggested crumpling up brown paper bags and placing in the drawers. A quick fix was putting several cotton balls in a little bowl and sprinkling with vanilla extract, orange or one of your choice. She also said to put activated charcoal in a clean sock (leave open) and place in back of frig. (This is the charcoal you get at a pet store like for aquarium use. Not the kind to cook with.)

    Off topic, but I will continue on the frig thing. Said a good thing to clean between that narrow space between the frig and the counter, is to get a yardstick and cover with an old hose or stocking. Gets those dust bunnies underneath, too!

    And one more tip. If you think your fridge is not closing tight enough, put a flashlight inside turned on at night with all the lights out. If you see light along the edges, then you don't have a tight lip.

    Sorry to steal your thread. :P but I did answer part of your question!
  4. vintspiration

    vintspiration Alumni

    (((Carolyne))) so nice to see you! :)

    Yes, I would check out Hollis' workshop in a couple of weeks - I'm sure there will be more cleaning tips than Heloise could even muster up!
  5. dancingdresses

    dancingdresses Registered Guest

    Thank ewe, ladies! :)

    I will try the newpaper, for now . . . quick and readily available.

    Somebody really has to get Deb's sense of humor under control.
    I notice, that - past a certain point - one gets the moniker of "Posting Freak" like Chris did.

    And I'll keep on the lookout for more tips, in case the newsprint isn't adequate.

    Thanks again -
  6. Actually, Justine.,...time flies...it is in a few days!

    Unless i am backwards again
  7. vintspiration

    vintspiration Alumni

    Whoa you're right Chris!! Time flies!!

    Oh and I changed the ids for posting Carolyne - to something more "fashion" appropriate! Those posting freak ones were the ones that came normally - they weren't Debs sense of humor!! LoL!
  8. Now I am back to being a "maven" :) I thought Deb was just having a little fun for a second there.
  9. artizania

    artizania Alumni +

    Good to see you Carolyne! :)

    As it is boxes you want to de-odour - maybe try filling them with some cat litter? Don't know how long you'd have to leave them, but I've seen this tip mentioned quite often.
  10. artizania

    artizania Alumni +

    Good God!!!.......Moi??? ............a "Trendsetter"!!!!???!!!!

    Where's that 'hysterical' smilie gone!

    LOL :D

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