Louis Feraud & Andy Warhol

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by Helen Siwak, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Helen Siwak

    Helen Siwak Registered Guest

    I picked up this Louis Feraud blazer and have a couple of questions if anyone can answer. The lining is featuring Andy Warhol's pop art.

    Does anyone know what year this is from?
    The tag says "Louis Feraud Set" but only found the blazer. Would it be a skirt or pants or blouse etc that goes with it?

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  2. pinky-a-gogo

    pinky-a-gogo Administrator Staff Member

    I am pretty sure I first started seeing these in the very early 90s.
    Like 1990.
  3. joules

    joules Trade Member

    I have the matching sleeveless top, which is silk, with black enamel buttons with $ signs:
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  4. Helen Siwak

    Helen Siwak Registered Guest

    WOW it looks great. Does your tag say Louis Feraud Set? I am thinking of going back to the store and look again for the matching set.
  5. joules

    joules Trade Member

    Thank you! I believe it may. Let me go check...

    Indeed, it does indicate Louis Feraud Set. And correction, the fabric is polyester, just like the lining of your jacket.
    But it's "the good polyester", and I discovered the spare button too.

    My buttons are all black. Love those bound buttonholes on the jacket .
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  6. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

  7. Helen Siwak

    Helen Siwak Registered Guest

    So does it mean it is probably late 80's?
  8. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Yes, I think you're safe with late '80s - very late '80s I would think. I would have gone very early '90s too but Karin is right about West Germany.

    Hope you can find the other piece(s). What a great set! Terrific print.

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