Mad Men: The Final Season ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of May 19th

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    Mad Men: The Final Season

    Prepare to say goodbye to the gang. It's been a great journey through the 1960s, exploring not only the fashions but also the politics & social upheaval of the times.

    This week we show off clothing, jewelry & accessories for men & women from one of the most dynamic decades of the 20th century!

    The Mad Men cast then and now
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    Vintage 1960s Gloria Swanson 2-Piece Suit - Pencil Skirt - Jacket - Black Eyelet

    Vintage Party Dress - Pre Teen - Light Green 1960s Mad Men

    60s Cocktail Dress - Little Black Dress - Mad Men Era

    Vintage Halter Gown - 1960s 60s Mad Men - Dark Red Knit
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    (Heather, I'm obsessed with things I've seen before. Glad to see this one originally had a belt...)

    60s Suzy Perette

    60s Lisa Meril

    Late 60s/early 70s Lilli Ann:

    Anne Fogarty
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    Thank you! I kinda wish I still had that one because I really do love the colors!

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