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  1. Northwestkitty

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    Hello, long time collector, follower and huge fan/follower of the Vintage Fashion Guild. Finally getting down to listing some of my stuff. I need help identifying this dress. No labels or tags but it has the Malia of Honolulu signature on the fabric so I'm wondering if this makes it a valid Malia dress or is it a dress that was made from Malia fabric? The fabric is extremely light, I'm thinking nylon and it has a sheen to it. Has a Talon zipper. I also would like help with identify the year. Hope someone can help with this beautiful dress, thanks

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  2. blubirdboutique

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    My thoughts are 60s because of the plastic zipper. Probably is a Malia dress unless you think it looks hand-made? It's pretty!
  3. Midge

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  4. I have had quite a few of this brand, although with labels, from the 70s and 80s . I dont see it as 60s
  5. Linn

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    The fabric and style look later than '60s to me, too. Malia stopped making clothing in the '90's and made uniforms. I am not sure if they are still in business, and I don't know if they just made fabric or if this dress was made by Malia.
  6. Northwestkitty

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    I'm still learning, but the zipper is perhaps nylon? has a metal pull and the words TALON. The opposite side has 3 circles starting with the top "4p, 4 & USA". The construction of the dress does not look homemade to me. Could it be a from the 70s? The material is very light and has a waist sash in the same material and ties at the top of the shoulders.

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  7. Linn

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    Please show u the back of the dress and how it ties. It might be late '70's or later.. I just did a search for Malia and they are still in business. They make uniforms now. There is a little bit about their history on their website:
  8. Jonathan

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    The jewel tone print fabric looks late 80s/early 90s to me.
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  9. The Vintage Merchant

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    yes, the colors say 80s/90s to me, too, as well that manufacturers used linings and fabrications with their logo/signature incorporated in to the design like yours in the 80s, especially. Definitely not 60s. but, very cute!
  10. bycinbyhand

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  11. Northwestkitty

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    Here's some pictures showing the belt sash (same material and the dress has loops that hold it in place on each side) and the shoulder straps, thanks

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  12. Linn

    Linn Trade Member

    Thank you for the photos. I think the dress is very late "Malia" - late '80s. I just skimmed an article I saved about fashion in Hawaii and read that Malia transitioned their business from making fashion items to making custom uniforms in the very late '80s.

    I'm not sure I can find any photos but I remember having rayon dresses with black backgrounds and vibrant colors in the very late '80s.
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  13. Northwestkitty

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    Great, thank you everyone for your help on this one. And thank you Linn for the link, it's pretty great to see the history that comes with vintage pieces and to read about the company who created it. I love it that they reinvented themselves and are still in business :)

  14. mags_rags

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    I have two Malia sundresses packed away in stock, but no photos of them. I did find an archive photo of Malia dress that sold in 2013. I dated it as late 70s. The fabric was a polished cotton/cotton blend.
    malialeafbelteda.jpg malialeaftaga.jpg
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