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    Here are two more items that were in the box that we won at the auction. Could anyone confirm if these are authentic antique or costumes and around what age are they? Again, the box was listed as costume, but these pieces seems very authentic (except the fact that they are in such good condition).


    21245806_10155462150130803_160566062_o.jpg 21216052_10155462150565803_1830083551_o.jpg 21245766_10155462151455803_1876597702_o.jpg 21245898_10155465400680803_600491327_o.jpg 21247704_10155462155195803_1671059288_o.jpg 21222540_10155465405730803_1527373264_o.jpg 21215868_10155462154715803_1765992955_o.jpg

    21216153_10155462145615803_498909927_o.jpg 21198294_10155462147680803_1009578324_o.jpg 21222635_10155465409230803_63864172_o.jpg 21198230_10155462148390803_322427284_o.jpg
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    Yes, authentic antique. I am stunned that you got these at an auction!

    They both look to be very early 19th century, pre Victorian. Look like Empire - Regency era, maybe around 1810 to 1820. Perhaps the "vest" is even a few years earlier, 1800 to 1805. . Hard to say for sure without handling them in person or doing some more research. As menswear from this time period is fairly scarce to find, and with yours being in such well preserved condition, these are both really of great interest to collectors. It is not easy to find menswear in this very good condition.

    You might want to send these to a proper auction house that specializes in antique clothing such as Karen Augusta (A VFG member), or Doyle, or other high end auction houses.

    Are there more items in this "costume" box? How exciting!
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  3. Circa Vintage

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    Tamzzyn, I think you're right on both counts: these look like authentic antiques that have been adapted for costumes. The waistcoat may have originally been single breasted and the overlap increased (suggested by the side seams not lining up) and two rows of buttons added. The jacket looks like it could be a tail coat that was altered, with satin panels added to the lapels and the tails cut off. It could be early 20th century, depending on the construction. I can't see sufficient details but tailcoats can be hard to date. Can you tell if the hem is original? Thank you.
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  4. Tamzzyn

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    Thank you :) There are two more items in the costume box! I'm going to put them up in a separate thread now!
  5. Tamzzyn

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    Thank you :)

    The jacket has a velvet collar - the satin is actually the rever of the lapel (I think - I'm so not versed with terminology lol). The jacket does have tails - here are some photos of the back and the hem of the jacket. There are pockets in the tails.

    21244598_10155468010695803_2126129214_n.jpg 21268709_10155467929845803_2132687812_n.jpg 21244426_10155467962070803_2100363100_n.jpg

    Here is another photo of the waistcoat. I tried to find evidence that buttons were previously placed anywhere on it, but I couldn't find any. There is also no evidence that there has been any additions etc to the waistcoat.

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  6. Circa Vintage

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    Thanks for the extra pics Tamzzyn. I still can't see what I want to see but the jacket does look earlier now, less like a cut down tuxedo and more like an early to mid 19th century jacket. The fabric looks like it might be wool crepe.

    I'm a costumer by trade and have seen many, many period costumes and the construction is usually quite good as theatrical costumes have to last the distance. I do think your other jacket is early so these pieces may be too - I just can't tell without seeing/knowing more about construction and fabric. Photos are inherently limited. I'm erring on the side of authenticity though.
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    A waistcoat is an easy way to update your suit by layering it under a complimentary colour such as a plain black waistcoat under a navy suit.
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