Met up with a VFG friend today!

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    What's more fun than finally meeting an online VFG friend IRL?

    While my family was in Colonial Williamsburg, Bonnie (MyVintageClothesline) drove all the way from her home 45 minutes away just to spend a few minutes with me.

    I took her on a tour of the little 1750s house we were staying in (see photos of the George Jackson House on my Instagram), then we headed to the Visitor Center gift shop to browse, then stopped for coffee and ginger cakes and a chat before my family had to start the long drive back to Atlanta.

    Thank you, Bonnie, for taking the time to come see me. It was so wonderful to finally meet you!


  2. northstarvintage

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    I love seeing these! You both are beautiful. And I am so jealous of your nice weather.
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    How nice that you were able to get together!
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  8. lindapoirier

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    Fantastic! What are on Bonnie's feet? Flowers? Also, interesting necklace... from what I can make out.
  9. Those are my Alegrias on my feet, Linda!! This company comes up with some great prints and the shoes are extremely comfortable. And, my necklace has reproductions of ancient coins and was sold in a museum gift shop....don't remember which one as the box is put away somewhere! It has matching earrings that I rarely wear. I love jewelry that incorporates coins and crests of any kind into the design. It was delightful to finally meet Liza and I now can see why she has been selected to be in films. She is lovely and would certainly look marvelous in any vintage attire that she would choose to wear. I hope we get to meet again one day and have more time to chat.
  10. amandainvermont

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    It's nice that Bonnie color-coordinated with the flowers. Lovely to see that photo - thanks.
  11. Marry Smith

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    its always good to meet your old friend, that all old discussion and fun talking always release stress of todays heavy routine. Good to see you together.

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