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my car boot find with 'posh' utility mark.

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by cooltriker, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. cooltriker

    cooltriker Registered Guest

    my car boot find with \'posh\' utility mark.

    was browsing in a car boot sale today... and thinking it wasnt very good....

    i was just about to go home.... and decided to look at one more clothes rail with baby and children's clothes on it....

    i could not believe my eyes when i seen this suit....amoungst all the baby dresses...lol....

    with glass flower shaped buttons ...made by glass developments ltd london..

    do anyone know any history of the maker/name on the label?

    i dont know if i should tell you how much i paid for it..as it will be on ebay tomorrow....
    hope the pics turn out ok... forgotten how to do them...

  2. cooltriker

    cooltriker Registered Guest

    oooppps...sorry dont know what has happened with the photos... but i thought i had deleted the paisley thing.... i think i must have gremins on my photobucket......::hysterical:
  3. Hattysattic

    Hattysattic Trade Member

    Fantastic find! I don't think I know the label but it's a gorgeous suit. Love the pleated section in the peplum at the rear.

    I am going to go to a mid week carboot myself next week now, lol - you've inspired me!
  4. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    ab fab...in a boot you say!! what a find..love those buttons...
  5. cooltriker

    cooltriker Registered Guest

    i just couldnt believe my eyes when i seen the suit amoungst the baby clothes....... i must admit i dint know why i was looking there..... prob.. as i had to pass it to get out of the place.........

    with all this nice weather.. pleople must be starting to do boot sales.... and asking relatives have they got things to sell..... sooo maybe granny had given her a few bits to sell....lol.......

    i bet you now i will go to all the boots sales in the area.... and will not find a thing in a month of sundays......

    so this must be a sign..... to look in places you dont expect to see or find.... hidden treasures....well collectable clothes.... are treasures to us.....
  6. cmpollack

    cmpollack Trade Member

    Can't help with the label (sorry), but please post a link when you list this beaut of a suit! I just love those buttons and that detail at the back.

    I've been very very good lately, so maybe it's my size... :saint:
  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Don't say what you paid for it because I will be bidding!
    I probably have a coat that would work with it... It looks like the stuff done in England after Dior's New Look was launched in Paris. English designers were still restricted by fabric allowances and could not do the New Look. By 1948 the restrictions are loosened a little so you begin to get longer hem lengths and fuller skirts, but 1947 is still very wartimish.
  8. cooltriker

    cooltriker Registered Guest

    hi... glad you like my find..... even though its not perfect.. and has been well worn.... i have been beaming like a cheshire cat....

    my user name is the same as here....cooltrikerchick...

    and will prob be listing it tonight.....so when its listed i will let you know.....

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