Need button ID - fraternal order???

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  1. DecadencePast

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    Found an extremely well made heavy flannelled wool men's vest with these pretty buttons - but I can't seem to ID the fraternal order or organization they may represent (was thinking Scottish Right because of vest lapel design) - anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance ~ KD
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  2. DecadencePast

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    duh! Scottish RITE - not Right :(
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    I think decorative as well. Did you do a google image search? And yes, welcome back to the boards.
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    :hiya:KD! No real help from me either, sorry.
    Knights Templar? A fire service?
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    Hi, all - waving back to you from southern Oregon.

    Guess I need to do some more research on this one. The buttons are super well made and I was just thinking this symbol (yes, Maltese Cross with something else - wheat sheaf?) had significance. The vest seems like it may have been part of an official uniform of some sort - but it's heavy wool & really well made.

    Hope everyone is fine & preparing for a Happy Thanksgiving!

    P.S. to Amanda - yes - my first google image search - sheesh, where have I been all this time?
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