Need Help Identifying and Dating Vintage Pendleton Hunting Jacket

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    I have a vintage red / black Pendleton Hunting jacket.

    - four pockets with metal snaps on the front. Pockets are square to the bottom of the jacket and not angled.
    - hunting pocket across the back accessible by snap flaps on either side
    - six button design (no Pendleton on the buttons)
    - Tag has WOOLMARK logo indicating mid 60's?
    - Tag indicates size M -- although it fits truer to a L.

    Please see attached photos.

    [​IMG] IMG_20190613_092814_1.jpg IMG_20190613_092920_1.jpg IMG_20190613_093347_1.jpg IMG_20190613_093245_1.jpg IMG_20190613_093350_1.jpg IMG_20190613_092934_1.jpg Front View
    [​IMG] Back View
    [​IMG] Label View
    [​IMG] Button Detail
    [​IMG] Snap Detail
    [​IMG] Hunter's Pocket

    So am I correct in describing this as a vintage Pendleton Hunting Coat in a Black and Red Tartan Colorway from the mid'60's?

    Thank you in advance for any information.
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