Need help identifying coat material Bergdorf Goodman Givenchy

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    My sister asked me to sell our aunt's vintage coat and I cant determine the materials or even the size. Is the material leather and some type of fur? What is the fur type? 15784324838184999971751242981533.jpg 15784325061792511062895316626675.jpg 15784325301422934452097947376809.jpg 15784325445485601903600079719041.jpg 15784325595298443984088566281761.jpg 15784325737986144520996509051339.jpg 15784325960448491149927031066520.jpg Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Hi Michelle,

    Borg was noted for making synthetic pile fur - the coat looks 1970s to me and is likely made from synthetic materials. Generally, in coats of that age and from a maker such as Givenchy it would have a 100% leather tag in it somewhere if it was real leather. The photos look like faux fur to me but it's hard to tell the remainder without seeing it in person.

    Here is an older forum thread regarding Borg fur as well you may be interested in reading through:

    Hope this helps you!

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