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  1. Dmitten52

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    Hi all! I’m new here. I have once sold a vintage fox fur coat and I have another vintage coat, but I want to be sure it’s not part of the illegally traded items. I’m struggling to identify the animal this came from. It’s definitely a large pelt, but made from more than one. The fur is short haired, very plush when touched, soft, dark brown, and has a beautiful shine to it. Can anyone help me? I’d be very appreciative.

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  2. Vinclothes

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    From here it looks like mouton.
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  3. Furwise

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    Hi there,

    Very pretty. It is mouton.
  4. Dmitten52

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    Thank you all. I tried the water test but I don’t know the difference between mouton, beaver, or seal fur. The water beaded when put on it. Naturally of course I just want to make sure it’s not seal.
  5. Dmitten52

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    Here are a few more photos to help in identification.

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