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Need help identifying this sweater

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by jenndes, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. jenndes

    jenndes Registered Guest

    Need help identifying this sweater brand, approx date it would have been manufactured, any helpful info in the combination of flags etc? Thanks so much.

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  2. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality Trade Member

  3. GemGem

    GemGem Registered Guest

    I was going to suggest late 80s. The flags are left/right top/bottom
    France, USA, Ethiopia (I presume the centre detail is missing), Jamaica & Denmark. I was wandering if it was a nod to a world sporting event but it's def not the 86 world cup as some of those countries did not qualify. Could be some kind of political grouping? Maybe someone else can help
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  4. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

  5. kittenteethvintage

    kittenteethvintage Registered Guest

    Maybe Olympics related?
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  6. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality Trade Member

    I do think Olympics is very likely. Quick Wikipedia search tells me there were three years with Olympics between 1988 and 1994 when the label existed. Those were 1988, 1992, 1994 and I think it's not 1988 or 1994 since Ethiopia (which is one of the flags) wasn't in the 1988 or 1994 games. They missed the 1988 Summer Olympics and 1994 was Winter Olympics and they didn't participate in winter Olympics until 2006. So, I think this sweater is very likely from 1992.
  7. Distantdetails

    Distantdetails Administrator Staff Member

    When I search Newspapers.com, I find only two references to the company: one was in an advertisement for a shop in New Jersey (1987), and one was a lawsuit from S.O.U.T.H Clothing against a shop in Arkansas (1988). This confirms that date range others have mentioned.

    My money's on the Olympic connection in 1992.
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  8. jenndes

    jenndes Registered Guest

    Thank you all for your help!
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