Need Help in Identifying and Dating Label

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by ksblake, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. ksblake

    ksblake Registered Guest

    This is a label from an evening bag that is believed to date to the early 20th century. I need help identifying the maker and confirm what dates the bag may come from.

    IMG_1159 2.JPG
  2. Midge

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    Hi, to helps us date your bag, we need to see full images for your bag - front and back, and possibly a photo of the inside. Can you please post those?
  3. Circa Vintage

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    Those labels were used by multiple companies, so unless it's a very distinctive style, the maker or designer may not be known but if you follow Karin's advice about posting additional pics we can help you date the bag.

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