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Need more bad fashion? Don't miss this!!!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by www.VintageGrace.com, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Need more bad fashion? Don\'t miss this!!!

    Knowing that I was into fashion, a friend emailed me this website.

    I just wasn't prepared for the likes of this!!

    Be sure to look at the "Fashion Pages" and be prepared for a jolly laugh! He certainly is his own person!!

    The Life & Fashions of Florida's Peter Pan Man

    A word of warning: It's best not to have a beverage in your mouth when viewing the "Fashions" as it may spray onto your computer screen when you fall out of your chair in fits of laughter! (Do be sure to click the thumbnails!!)

    Enjoy ~ Maureen

    PS - I emailed this page to Nanc and she actually thought it was me in a wig!! Now, I admit that I am sorta nuts but not THAT nuts!!
  2. Oh dear. Oh dear.

    I can't even begin to think what to say.

    WHat does he do for a living? I was glad to see he has some girl friends.

    Oh dear again.

  3. Well, he seems like he is very sincere albeit obsessed about this and is not joking. Which is a little bit disturbing, but what the heck it takes all kinds. I was surrpised that he is 50 years old though...but not too surprised that he's single
  4. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    OMG! I've see this guy before! Someone must've sent me his webpage years ago or something!

    I think this person has the same problem Michael Jackson has-- forever trapped in a world of his own making.

    Ah well.. I suppose ignorance is bliss!

  5. LOL Kristine

    It does say he is "as seen on COnan O'Brien" - maybe that is where :)
  6. Beehive Vintage Goods

    Beehive Vintage Goods Trade Member

    That is sad.....so very, very sad!!!!!!!!
  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    He looks a bit like Toni Tenille of the Captain and Tenille fame, or the girl from Shields and Yarnell....
  8. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member


    terrified, but speechless.

  9. ourbabyroo

    ourbabyroo Registered Guest

    I agree with Jonathan on the Shields and Yarnell angle! ;)

    Did you see the outfits he wears for "clubbing"? Can you just imagine??

  10. artizania

    artizania Alumni +

    Aaah Bless! - I'm sure his mother still loves him!
  11. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    Forever trapped in childhood make believe. His poor Mom probably keeps wondering if he will ever grow up.
  12. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    Just had a horrible thought maybe its Mom taking the pics for the family album. Shows it off to freinds...... " here he is at three his first jump awwww" Oh and look here he is jumping at 50 awwww"
  13. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    This is one of those things where you are so horriffied you can't turn away. The pictures are freaking me out, and the text is even freakier!

    I've always been into people doing their own thing and being individual but have a sense this is pushing it!

    Kelly - I wasn't surprised he had female friends, I was surprised he had some pictures with male friends! I don't know any men who would be brave enough to stand next to a 50 year old guy dressed as Peter Pan, or whatever else!

    ...and seeing as I'm horrified yet fascinated I've discovered the answer to your question- apparently this guy is a "computer software engineer and an electronic designer"... but with the hair, general weird behaviour, bizarre dress sense, refusing to grow up and the continuous mention of guitars I am getting a major "tribute Beatles" alert going on in my head! LOL! Admittedly there are some very lovely people in Beatle bands who I am very fond of, but mainly they scare me witless.

    ...and can I also say, if I were a child and my mum took me to see the latest Harry Potter film and she were wearing a goth outfit and tiara and brought along a 50 year old Peter Pan I would lock myself in the bathroom and never come out, and would require some *major* therapy when I got to my teens!

    I'm going to have to stop looking at this site now, I feel like I'm having a bad nightmare!

    love, moons and starrs,
  14. I just keep coming back to it.

    My husband's response was, "Good God. I just hope..." He didn't complete the thought, but I knew his thoughts flew to our little 7 year old stinker who is a huuuugee fan of le Pan. Not this one, but the 2003 Peter Pan. Great movie by the way. ;)
  15. premierludwig

    premierludwig Registered Guest

    I love the new Peter Pan movie. I was so enchanted by Captain Hook that I wanted Wendy to run away with him and become a Pirate! LOL!

    ...I thoght Peter Pan in the new movie was extra childish, extra selfish and reaaallly needed to grow up. I'd never felt like that before. Gave me a whole new slant on the movie. But I was probably influenced by how rock-star-ish captain hook was, I could just hug the fashion designer, make-up and hair stylists on that movie for making Captain Hook like that, he looked divine.

    love, moons and starrs,

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