Neiman Marcus "Ami" Dress - 1980s?

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    I thrifted this dress and am preparing it for sale. I'm trying to figure out any information about it and wanted to see if anyone here could help.

    1. From the label resource here I think this is probably early 1980s - "Neiman-Marcus" still has the dash. Can anyone help confirm this? Photos below.

    2. The other tag says "Ami." Is this a line that NM carried? The style name of the dress?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hi, so I found this dress for sale. Looks like the same maker and there is a tag with the RN #.

    Is there a fabric content label that might add some clues ?

    Hope this helps you out !

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  4. @introspectivgal

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    Thank you, that was helpful! That RN led to an Arkwright Mfg company out of NYC, and then a Google search led to a NY Times article from the 70s! The style of the dress looks more 80s to me. I tried it on and the sleeves are 80s puffs.

    Unfortunately there is no material tag. I think it may be wool or a wool blend.

    Thanks again!

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