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New with Tags 50's dresses that looked like nothing on the hanger

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by Andrea, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    New with Tags 50\'s dresses that looked like nothing on the hanger

    But look at them now!

    <p>Brand spank'n new with tags, a 50's Forever Yours by Puritan!
    <p> A Nelly Don with tags, crisp cotton plaid with white and purple woven rickrack.
    [​IMG]<p>According to the hang tag, this is a Sacony, hand washable cotton in half size 12 1/2. Not a current size 12 with a waist of 26 inches. But incredible. Total flocked velveteen 6 shapes with the grey and white lining peeking through.

    All these and about 30 more came from one estate. All but three dresses still had the hang tags. No big labels, but all cute and selling well on eBay.

    Thanks for the opportunity to show off this estate.
  2. cherry-pie-and-roses

    cherry-pie-and-roses Registered Guest

    I've been looking at your auctions; just unbelievable how some folks find all these NOS clothes. Some of them are absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. cotmyey

    cotmyey Trade Member

    Ohhh, very nice presentation!, (As always !) You will do well with these. As you always do! Nice to see ya here Andrea.

    Gayle(who nows nothing about 50's dresses!)
  4. worth-a-peek

    worth-a-peek Alumni

    Very cute and wearable with great pics:)
  5. Leisa

    Leisa Registered Guest

    Ooooooooooh Aaaaahhhhhhhh
    That suit is extraordinary, panda!
    The shirtwaist is adorable & I am a sucker for eyelet!
    Great Finds!
  6. worth-a-peek

    worth-a-peek Alumni

    I've got to go back and check out all the others too!
    That Pink 2die4 is a winner for sure!
  7. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest


    Panda...fabulous! And NOS to boot! Can't get better than that!

    You really do find the coolest and most excellent

  8. schoolsgirl

    schoolsgirl Registered Guest

    Panda's auctions always ROCK :)
  9. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    Thanks gals!
    The pink 2die4 embroidered dress is the one that reminds me of you and your fairies.
  10. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    They are all so pretty Andrea! of course you always have impeccible taste and auctions. Plus your mannis are always accessorized perfectly!
  11. poopoolooloo

    poopoolooloo Registered Guest

    Excellent display Panda. Your pictures are fabulous! They have such a romantic feel to them.
  12. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    That pink embroidered one is adorable...there are about
    6 others that I just love.....if I was slimmer, I would be broke!


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