Nouveau Bracelet--type of glass?

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently came across this bracelet and was struck by how strange the pendants were. They are green glass but are textured and warped, as if they were something else before and repurposed. The thing is, I haven't a clue what they could have been.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? Does this type of glass have a name?

    The chain is 10k gold and I found similar clasps in an 1890 Sears catalog so that coupled with the wavy design seemed Noveau to me. However, I could be wrong.

    Thanks yall!

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    I would call it molded glass. The glass looks like it's probably Czech, and the bracelet looks to me like it's from that 1910 - 1920's era. The pattern on the glass has an early Art Deco feel. Are there any marks you could take close photos of? That clasp was first used as you described, but has been used ever since.
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    I agree with Francis, it's likely molded Czech glass but if it has a gemstone consistency it could be aventurine.
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    To me, there is a sense of 1920s Egyptian revival to this bracelet. The color is a sort of Nile green (a little darker though), and the glass could be some stylized plant, leaf or similar. The setting for each piece of glass remind me of an Egyptian flower or plant also. At least that is what I see!

    It is fabulous.
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