Numbered Dior Paris Boutique (dating & identify fabric)

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  1. Camembert

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    Just acquired a Dior dress with a numbered label that says Boutique Christian Dior Paris, Made in France.

    - The fabric is heavy and from the research I've done, I think it could be silk moiré. The seller and I had no idea.
    - I think it matches another label from the guide- 1950s. Could it be early or late?
    - Underneath each shoulder straps, there are these clasps. Any idea what they are for?
    - Are the boutique dresses one-of-a-kind pieces...? Don't know anything about it.

    I saw another post where someone suggested to look at L'Officiel from back in the days- I think I might just try to do that.... By the way, the Jalou Gallery L'Officiel link does not work any longer. Any ideas?

    Thank you :)
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  2. Midge

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    Beautiful dress! The fabric doesn't look like moiré to me. My guess would be ottoman ( As for dating, I would go with late 50s or even very early 60s. The little straps at the shoulders are lingerie guards - to keep your bra/underwear straps from showing. The Boutique label means it is a ready-to-wear dress.
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  3. Camembert

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    Thank you! It does look like Ottoman :) It reminds me of this I found online (with the same label style)
    The lingerie guards are useful!

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  4. claireshaeffer

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    Many couture houses had a Boutique before they made ready-to-wear. Sometimes the garments were made in the couture ateliers and sometimes in a special Boutique workroom.
    It was illegal to make rtw until the 70s, but most had a boutique in Paris where customers could shop. Unlike haute couture that is made for the person who ordered Boutique items were made in "stock" sizes. Most houses would do a single fitting if you bought a boutique dress.
    At the same time houses made duplicates of HC designs which they sold to US store. They usually have the HC label but the techniques vary.

    Boutique is actually somewhere between HC and RTW. They are usually beautifully made in lovely fabrics.

    It's quite nice!
  5. Jonathan

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    Yes, its Ottoman, and in white, it looks early 60s to me - typical of the sort of stuff Marc Bohan was turning out in 62/63
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