Oscar De La Renta Label Question

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by Miss Cee, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Miss Cee

    Miss Cee Registered Guest

    Can anyone tell me anything about this outfit and label?

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  2. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand Trade Member

  3. Miss Cee

    Miss Cee Registered Guest

    Thank you Cin I was under the impression that the contemporary line has both the Oscar De La Renta and Pink Label writing in pink stitching. The tag above is Oscar De La Renta in black stitching and Pink Label in pink stitching. I could only find one other tag that was similar to this one online and there was not information about it. I was hoping to find information about when the item was produced and what a selling price might be for the item.
  4. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand Trade Member

    My experience is it's contemporary, found in the high stores. My experience and, of course, another could pop in here with different info. About a selling price, people here don't really do that but rather help with gathering the info so one can check on eBay completeds, Etsy sales, etc.

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