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OT - Tsunami Disaster Relief Funds

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by bartondoll, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    For Canadians that may not want to use credit cards to make a donation, however want to help out with aid for
    this horrible catastrophe, you can make donations at any
    major Canadian bank.

    Also, for every individual donation made by a Canadian citizen, the Federal government will match that dollar for dollar up until January 11.

  2. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Donations can now be made through Paypal also. Paypal are waiving any fees so 100% of the donated money goes to Unicef.

    Unicef Disaster fund

  3. Thanks for posting the info, Sue!

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