Please help Esmeralda with her Easter ensemble

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  1. Love this hat... or is it a headband?

    <img src=""><BR></p>

    Esmeralda has her heart set on wearing it for Easter and wants me to find an appropriate dress to wear with it. The best I could do on such short notice was this modern little pink dress (we love mixing vintage and modern in this household).

    <img src=""><BR></p>

    She was really hoping for something more era specific, but since I'm not sure on the date of this headband (I can see it being worn 30's through 50's) I'm not sure what era of dress to look for. I'm kinda thinking it might be from the late thirties as I bought a white eyelet (methinks commencement) dress from the same estate I got the headpiece from. Esmeralda can't wear the dress because of the way it is constructed - only opening is in the side.

    So here are my questions:

    What type of dress should I be looking for to wear with this lovely headband (flowers are on both sides)?

    And does Esmeralda look stylish enough to leave the house in this outfit?

    Thanks, Carol
  2. dancingdresses

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    Hi Carol -

    Yikes! You gave me a start!
    But opening your thread, I see that <I>my</I> Esmeralda has <I>not</I> hiked herself out of my eBay room, boxed and shipped herself to you!

    Your Esmerelda is beauteous and has lovely auburn hair. Mine, alas, is headless, legless and - fortunately - right where I left her. :)

    My vote on the hat (it is a hat) is mid-late 50's. Hats got smaller then (about the time of the popularity of pixie haircuts) and that one is cute as a button!
    I almost never see them in wonderful shape like this one.
    Very cute.

  3. Thanks Carolyne,

    You know, I don't normally buy hats, but this one just called out to me. And yes, I do see it worn with a full skirt - something summery in organdy or chiffon. If I get ambitious enough, I may look through my vintage pattern stash and try sewing something appropriate.

  4. bartondoll

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    That is so purty! I agree with the 50s, and I think Esmeralda needs an Easter pastel pink or yellow, cinched waist, very full skirt (maybe a flocked nylon fabric) or a chiffon, dress, little white gloves and a dainty white handbag with some
    matching flowers. of course some earrings and


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