Please help ID an interesting blouse

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  1. Adamina

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    It has a cool with draw strings at the bottom and the cuffs, has lace detailing, the draw strings have wooden beads, had nice puff shoulders too, was going to date as a 90s piece but the fabric is more like 60s or 70's but i am unsure. a tag is present but very faded and lettering has all been washed out. Please refer to photos, thanks for your help!
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  2. Adamina

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  3. Adamina

    Adamina Registered Guest

    Actually, the beads are not wooden, my mistake!
  4. vintagebaubles

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    Cure! And I'd say early 70s.
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  5. Circa Vintage

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    It would help to see it worn but the silhouette looks very early ‘80s, about ‘81-82.
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  6. The Vintage Stylist

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  7. Jonathan

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    Okay, I am going in between and saying middly-late 70s - 77ish? I think its from the same time as all those lace trimmed grad gowns. The hood is a very middly 70s feature. I see it with wide legged pants and wedgy sandals or espadrilles and BIG sunglasses...

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