Please help me price these vintage lace tops. Thanks!

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    Hey there! I am new here and would love some advice/ guidance. My mother is friends with a woman who is a hoarder. My mother attempts to help her clean and organize. I offered to try to sell some things for her but I am at a loss as to how to price these vintage items. They are absolutely gorgeous and most of them dead stock and in perfect condition.

    In addition, I don't know how to sell these things in terms of any financial benefit I get from it... Do I buy these from her and attempt to sell them?...Do I sell her items and then take a cut? Please help!! Thanks so so much!
    69D910B4-2F17-4996-BF5E-E15842B95963.jpeg 8884EA09-676B-4EC0-888E-40F08DDD0038.jpeg BFCCBB1B-21FC-4CB9-A934-437716B01A4D.jpeg AB1C0C6D-2FC6-4EE8-A50C-5B6F0E49F55D.jpeg 7F07D7DD-D879-4BA2-86D3-9CBD65CC49DC.jpeg B712111E-6F90-4271-8A3C-C52612629789.jpeg 82041FC0-1409-4CD0-84DA-6DF44D63FDBF.jpeg F0821902-01D1-4CDC-8663-637FC922CAE7.jpeg 5EB888AD-4B67-4EDD-9246-3FAB2DA169F2.jpeg 7E7C8517-EB7D-4DE4-9148-290E5FF232AB.jpeg 73FFB519-E865-4A5C-8F7F-7470FF5F4F83.jpeg 8E022E92-1686-432D-8ACA-6D5E1E394C96.jpeg D685A9A4-0533-46BD-9857-C357D5D32EB0.jpeg 9F4A3DF3-FE8D-4CFE-9474-331C913F0E13.jpeg
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    We can't usually help with pricing because there are too many variables, eg where you will sell them, how long you are prepared to wait, how good your photography is, time of year, etc etc. Pricing is a bit of an art, and one seller may be able to get more than another for the same item, depending on their clientele and marketing.

    Your best bet for getting some idea of price is look at eBay sold listings for similar items, that will give you an idea of what someone might be willing to pay.

    Either is an option and they each have advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you account for all the selling fees which ever you choose. Generally if I'm buying outright I'd expect to pay less than if I'm giving a cut after selling.

    They are lovely and I wish you lots of luck for your foray into vintage selling!
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    Excellent advice from Ruth!

    Here's another tool to help you with your pricing. It allows you to see what an item sold for on Etsy:
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