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  1. onceoza

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    I have a dress labeled Posh by Jay Anderson. I can't seem to find anything on him other than a few dresses for sale. Does anyone have any history on him so that I might date this dress (probably 1980's)?

  2. Circa Vintage

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    I'm not familiar with the label, but agree that your dress is '80s or perhaps very early '90s.
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  4. onceoza

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    How fantastic!!!!! So I'm guessing that this dress could even be 70's. How do I get permission to use the bio of Jay Anderson?
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    I agree Nicole
    The U.S. trademark for "Jay Anderson" was last renewed in 1980 and cancelled in 2001.

    "Anderson retired in the 1980s, and the factory site was sold to the City of Miami for the construction of the Miami Arena."
    This lets me know that the company was still making clothes in the 1980's.
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  6. Circa Vintage

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    Thanks Maxine - I was looking at that dress to see if I could change my dating and nothing about it is saying '70s to me!
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  7. Jacqueline Pahle

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    Dear Ladies interested in Jay Anderson and POSH. Jay was a dear friend of mine and I worked for him at his showroom on 7th Avenue in New York City from 1965 to 1967. His clothing designs were very popular and sought after specially when ultra suede was introduced by Halston. Jay worked with ultra suede and achieved fantastic designs. I was the last of his employees to do trunk shows for Jay as he closed his business in 1967. I am now 98 years old myself and have nothing but fantastic memories of Jay and his designs. In fact my closet is full of POSH. I was going on the internet today seeking some information about his whereabouts ss he would be 88 years old today. I truly hope that he survives today and enjoying his life and his past reputation. Jacqueline Pahle of Sierra Vista, AZ.
  8. Jacqueline Pahle

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    Sorry Ladies, at my ripe old age of 98 I do make mistakes...I worked with Jay until January 1987 when the New York Showroom and the Miami factory were closed down and sold. Unfortunately I just discovered that Jay has passed away but there is a discrepancy as to when. I have a personal note from Jay and his companion Fred Ackerman dated December 1986. Jackie
  9. poppysvintageclothing

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  10. jw10003

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    Was surprised to come across this. I also worked for Jay Anderson from about 1982 to 1985 in the NYC showroom. I remember this particular garment - fairly light weight wool crepe if I'm remembering correctly. This garment, and similar versions of it, were in his fall collections from '82 to maybe '84. Most of his customers at that point in time shopped at better specialty stores and followed the seasons - northeast in the summer / Florida in the winter. Trunk shows were a big part, as well. He wasn't doing large volumes of business, but had a loyal following of conservative mature ladies. I was told that back in the 60's and early '70's his label was in Sak's Fifth Avenue and Martha.
  11. jw10003

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    ps. dress would have retailed for about $300. at the time.
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  12. cmpollack

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Jay Anderson, Ms. Pahle and jw10003. It's always a thrill to hear from those who have lived the history of the labels!

    Another store was Ruth Chagnon, a specialty store in Florida (I was in Del Rey, FL this past February, and the shop is still there!) Here is a green linen 60s dress with both store and Posh labels:

  13. Yasmin Navarro

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    It is such a pleasure to see that label again. I worked at POSH in Miami, I met the father of my son there, my aunt and two cousins also worked there. Mr. Anderson was a great person and I only have great memories of that place. I had a lot of clothes from there however, when I had my first born I couldn't fit in those clothes anymore and gave them away to a co-worker. By then I was working at a Bank. I have fabric that I bought when they closed the factory in overtown Miami in probably 1987 or 1988 give or take. I worked there form 1981 to 1985 OMG, I just realized that Mr. Anderson attended my wedding!!

    Mr. Anderson lived in a Miami Beach Mansion and in NYC where we shipped the garments for the shows. He worked a fabric called Ultra Suede with a lot of perfect trimming appliques.

    Your dress is probably 1982 or 83 I remember it but couldn't say the season.

    Enjoy your garment from such a great designer. I just bought a dress on e-bay even if it doesn't fit me.
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  14. Dawn Anderson

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    Jay Anderson was my uncle, my father’s brother. Uncle Jay died on August 12, 2003 in Miami. He was a dear man and I miss him still.
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    Hi! This was such a fun and informative thread. Does anyone happen to know when this dress is from? Another gorgeous Posh by Jay Anderson!

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