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    Hi everyone.
    Excuse the less than awesome photo. These are my "precleaning" photos. Edit: shrinking the photo to upload on the Forum really made it blurry)

    I recently found this and am a bit perplexed by the labeling - I thought Priscilla of Boston just was self-branded. I was confused to see a Milgram label as well. Did PD carry MOB or attendee dresses by other makers in the 60s? I have found no mention of that anywhere I looked.

    It has a very old alteration or dry cleaner paper tag as well. In addition, there is a stain that requires me to get it dry-cleaned. Do you think it's a coffee stain or an iron mark? I'm trying to determine that for when I take it in.


    I have been slowly going through my little accumulation of vintage to make a return as a vintage clothing merchant - the pile is being whittled slowly but surely....
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  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    I don't see the stain, but if its a dark brown mark, its probably an oxidized sugar stain from wine, which doesn't come out with dry cleaning. They don't like to come out at all, but you might be able to lighten it with washing.
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    Hi Jonathan. Nice to see you. Hope you are doing well. Whoopsie. Here is the photo now. Fairly prominent on the back of the sleeve. I'll try as suggested. The fabric did make me nervous not to dry clean instead, but I'll take a stab unless the photo makes you think differently.

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  4. Must have been an interesting evening given the placement if it's indeed a wine stain lol
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  5. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    I would try spot cleaning it first - try a toothbrush and some dish soap with some water, and use a damp cloth to try to feather out the edges, so as not to create a tide mark. I would put a cloth in the sleeve to sop up any water that goes through the fabric and lining. You might be able to minimize it, but removing it will be probably impossible.
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  6. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    just wanted to say hi, Chris!!

    you may find that dabbing it with just plain cool water MIGHT even help leach part of that stain out (with the towel inside it, as Jonathan suggests).
  7. Hi Mary!
  8. Victoria

    Victoria Registered Guest

    I have been successful in removing similar stains by soaking it in Restoration as long as the fabric isn’t wool or silk.
  9. Victoria

    Victoria Registered Guest

  10. I will look into that. Its not either or those so may try it if plan a doesn't work. Thanks for the other info :)

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