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    Hello all,

    I'm not sure what I have found here. I know this opening was popular in the early part of last century, but this looks to be too... Fresh? Good? I can't quite explain it, but it doesn't seem that old. It also doesn't have the 'cap' part that the old ones seem to have.

    Any help on dating this would be lovely, thank you.
    Found in Australia. The inner lining is a starchy cotton, the outer fabric is like a cotton knit - you can see the texture between each button. Opens and closes smoothly. The strap is the same material. No tags and can't find the remanent of one either.

    Someone in another place suggested 90s.

    Thank you in advance,
    20190905_105824.jpg 20190905_105900.jpg 20190905_105841.jpg 20190905_105834.jpg 20190905_105855.jpg 20190905_105844.jpg
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    I've seen this top called a gate top, also accordion gate top. If you search "60s gate top bag" you can see that there was a revival of this style. Does that dating help place yours?
  3. Alice M

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    Thank you for the names! I knew there was a name, but I couldn't remember it at all. I will start searching more with those terms and see what surfaces. Thanks!
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  4. Alice M

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    I have actually found some that are really similar to this one that are said to be 60s, so I think I will go with that decade. Thank you for your help with the name!
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